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The Tastiest Country in Europe!

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So what do the people in the UK is the tastiest country in Europe?


And we couldn't agree more! With such delicious drinks like limoncello, grappa, prosecco and chianti, Italy has your thirst taken care of with delicious liqueurs, coffees, wines and spirits. 

Your taste buds will never be left wanting what with all the delicious pastas like Chef Claudio's fettuccine al pistachio, linguine al mare, spaghetti alla vongole veraci and tortellini cardinale! 

Perhaps pasta isn't your favourite? Well Chef Claudio and Italy have much more to offer than just pastas! What about antipasto, calamari fritti, prosciutto di parma, stracciatella or tagliata di manzo?! Delicious!

And to take care of your sweet tooth (or teeth) with tiramis├╣, St. Honore cake, zabaglione, and gelato e sorbetti!

Here are the numbers in a handy infographic. But here are the best numbers: one car ride to visit one La Piazza Dario for many delicious flavours! 

(Infographic via Exl Italy)

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