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Monday Italiano: Risotto

By April 18, 2016 , , , ,

Let's chat about risotto!

Risotto is a tasty Italian rice dish. Yes, that's right: rice. Although Italians do love a good pasta, sometimes, a little change is a good thing! 

Risotto is a North Italian dish that is cooked in a broth until the rice reaches a creamy consistency. Just like pasta, your culinary imagination is the limit when it comes to the savoury flavours that the rice can hold. It can be cooked in a meat, vegetable or fish broth. Adding to the richness of the dish, you'll also find butter, wine and/or onions added to the base of the flavours. 

Of course, most chefs don't stop with adding flavour to the base, including Chef Claudio. On the menu at La Piazza Dario you will find our special risotto ai funghi misti. It is a delicious dish of pearl rice sautéed with wild mushrooms, garlic and fine herbs, finished with fresh parmesan cheese. 

Join us for dinner and have a taste of an Italian classic! 

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