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Monday Italiano: Limoncello

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Celebrate the warmer weather with chilled Italian lemon liqueur!

The weather is warming up here in Vancouver and, as the skies become sunnier, our craving for refreshing, citrus-infused digestifs is growing! One of my personal favourite digestifs, especially during the warm evenings of spring and summer, is the Italian lemon liqueur known as limoncello.

Made from lemon zest that is steeped in grain alcohol, and then added to simple syrup, limoncello is served chilled in small glasses, made of ceramic or glass. It is mainly produced in regions found in Southern Italy but it is enjoyed throughout the entire country.

I first enjoyed limoncello one hot summer evening while visiting Rome. After our meal, my dinner party and I were offered complimentary glasses of this particular liqueur and, upon my first sip, I knew it would become a staple throughout the remainder of my trip. All at once, refreshing, sweet and tangy, limoncello is the perfect digestivo to sip on after having enjoyed a delicious Italian meal.

Come join us at La Piazza Dario and end your meal with this light, citrus liqueur!

(Image via Pixabay)

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