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La Piazza Dario

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A Taste of the Renaissance at La Piazza Dario

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Explore the Renaissance and the flavours of Italy at La Piazza Dario!

In a previous post, we've shared our admiration for the delights of the Italian Renaissance. As an homage to this cultural past, we've decorated our entrance walkway with sculptures inspired by the Renaissance.

But of course, there is much more to the Renaissance than sculpture and much more to La Piazza Dario than our entrance.

Come and join us at our table and explore the flavours of Italy. We've got something for every discerning palate: succulent seafood, juicy and tender carne (meat), perfectly al dente pastas, and decadent desserts!

So we invite you to enjoy a delicious Italian meal and explore the wonders of the Italian Renaissance with this comedic, yet educational video overview!

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