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Chef Claudio & Abruzzo

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Check out these posts from the past and discover Chef Claudio's home!

Welcome to all new readers and of course, welcome back to our wonderful patrons! We've had so many great posts from the past that you may not have seen or simply forgotten that we've decided to take a walk down memory lane and share them again!

Learn all about Chef Claudio's story and experience the sights and charms of his home in the Abruzzo region of Italy! Enjoy!

So Where in the World is Abruzzo?!

Learn more about one of La Piazza Dario's favourite regions of Italy in Abruzzo: the Wine Region.

Come try Chef Claudio's version of bruschetta!

In Spotlight: Abruzzo, you can take a virtual tour of this beautiful Italian region... 

Abruzzo in Colour features a small town in Abruzzo that tells the region's story through colourful murals!

Get to know the region with the guide we feature in We're All About Abruzzo!

Spotlight: Ateleta, L'Aquila, Italy. Get to know Chef Claudio's hometown!

Lastly, but certainly not the least, discover Chef Claudio's personal story and get inspired to take a culinary journey with La Piazza Dario!

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