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Monday Italiano: Pinot Grigio

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Cin cin to a new week with the Italian wine Pinot Grigio!

Although pinot is not an Italian word, it is derived from the French word for pine, pinot grigio denotes the Italian version of the the pinot gris grapes of France. It is believed that the wine is termed pinot due to the pine cone shaped arrangement in which these grapes grow and, further to this, the grigio, or gris, presumably refers to the grey colouring of the grapes.

A light, fruity and clean taste, pinot grigio is the perfect wine to try if you're new to white wines. It's not too acidic nor is it overbearingly fruity. Even if you're not new to the world of white wine and would consider yourself a wine connoiseur of sorts, if you have yet to try pinot grigio, there's no time like the present. Up until recently, I didn't stray too far away from sauvignon blanc believing that it was the only type of wine that I liked. However, after recently discovering pinot grigio, I can safely say that it is now definitely one of my favourites!

With plenty of pinot grigios to choose from on our menu from all over Italy, including labels such as Banfi and Santa Margherita, a label that boasts the first Italian pinot grigio in the world, you're bound to find a pinot grigio that you'll love.

Feel free to peruse our full wine menu before dropping by!

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