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Italian Christmas Desserts: Panetonne & Pandoro

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Discover the delicious tastes of Italian Christmas with these traditional desserts.

While we're so excited to celebrate the new year with you next week and share many special meals together at our tables throughout 2014, today we are focusing our attention on some delicious Italian Christmas desserts!

With Christmas Day only two days away we know that there are many Italian families out there preparing for some traditional Italian meals. And we bet we know what will be on the menu for dessert; some tradition panetonne or pandoro!


A sweet bread loaf who's home is Milan, Italy, panetonne is comparable to cake in sweetness. Panetonne is often baked with candied orange, lemon zest or raisins, however, it can also be made plain or with chocolate!


Pandoro is a sweet yeast bread originally from Verona, Italy and is traditionally shaped like a star. The pandoro is usually dusted with icing sugar. Occasionally, the pandoro will be hollowed out in the middle and filled with cream or gelato.

We know that Christmastime is a time for family and home cooked meals, but we would love to invite your family to ours after the the Christmas rush is all said and done. Take a break from those leftovers and come to our table for some authentic Italian home cooking. You'll need a break from all that turkey anyways!

Please note that we are closed on holidays, such as Christmas Day, but we look forward to seeing you soon after. Buon Natale!

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