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An Italian Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching...
Learn all about Italian Christmas traditions!

Italy has a wealth of culture. It comes as no surprise then that the Christmas season is filled with unique traditions and practices that one can experience for more than just the 25th of December! Here in North America as we approach Christmas Day, our minds are full of Christmas shopping and gift lists.

*PAUSE: Come visit us for a delicious and traditional Italian food that will leave your taste buds and tummies oh so satisfied! In fact, treat your friends and family to the La Piazza Dario experience for a tasty Christmas gift! UNPAUSE*

But in Italy, people have much more that just shopping and one special day to prepare for! The Christmas season includes many important feast days and different characters. Watch this video from Rick Steves to learn just a little bit about Italy during Christmas time!

Enjoy and of course Buon Natale!

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