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We Love Italy in the Fall

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We love Italy any time of the year, but here are a few reasons that make Italian autumns extra special!

We love our adopted home of Vancouver in the fall as well, but Italy will always hold an extra special place in our hearts. After all, it's the mother country, the birthday place of our delicious cuisines and meals that we lovingly create and share with you at La Piazza Dario!

So without further ado, here are our fall favourites about Italy!

1. Italian Sagre

Autumn in Italy is the time of sagre, or festivals celebrating local food and wine! These festivals pop up all over the country and celebrate one of the most renowned contributions to human cultures: food! What better way to enjoy Italy than by attending a food festival. You can truly get a taste of Italy…literally!

2. Harvest Time

Much of the ingredients that make Italian food so delicious are being harvested during this season: olives, white truffles, almonds, and chestnuts to name a few. Why not get your hands dirty and participate in an olive harvest?!

3. Cool Weather

Summers can get hot. Really hot. Although summer has its own virtues, it can be a difficult time to explore when you find yourself putting all your energy into staying cool and hydrating! Autumn boast some of the most perfect weather-wise days, with cooler temperatures making it an enjoyable time to walk around and explore.

4. Fall Colours

Along with that cooler temperature, comes the stunning fall colours of the Italian countryside. It's true we get some fabulous seasonal colours here on the West Coast but hey! It's Italy!

5. Fewer Crowds, Lower Costs

It's one of the best times to travel to Italy, and practically anywhere for these two reasons: fewer crowds and lower costs. Why not get the Italian experience with less of a dent in your wallet?!

Until then, however, come join us for a delicious dinner that will send your taste buds to Italy! We guarantee you will enjoy every last bite!

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