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Monday Italiano: Amaro

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End your meal with the bitter-sweet digestivo, amaro.

Many people enjoy ending their dinner meal with the occasional digestif, or digestivo in Italian. However, not everyone is overly fond of the sweet liqueurs, such as the Italian favourite limoncello. If this sounds like you, do not despair; we think we may have just the drink for you: amaro!

What is Amaro?

Amaro, which is Italian for "bitter," is another option for your after dinner digestivo. An Italian herbal liqueur that ranges in colour from gold to dark brown, amaro is bitter-sweet and is typically made of herbs, roots, flowers, bark and/or citrus peels! These ingredients are softened in alcohol, which can be wine or other spirits, and then the pieces of herbs, flowers, etc. are strained out. Sometimes a syrup will be added to the amaro to sweeten the taste a bit (but not too much!).

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