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Italian Easter Foods & Traditions

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Here at La Piazza Dario, we're looking forward to another Buona Pasqua!

This year, Easter, or Pasqua in Italian, falls on Sunday, April 20th, which just so happens to be this weekend! We're so excited for another year of delicious, traditional Italian Easter dishes, such as lamb, breads decorated with Easter eggs, and sweet dessert breads, such as colomba di Pasqua, meaning Easter dove in Italian. As you may have guessed, colomba di Pasqua is baked in the shape of a dove as a symbol of peace

Learn more about the Easter traditions of Italy.

With a short week ahead, we welcome you to join us and celebrate Pasqua! Make your lunch or dinner reservation online today.

Please note that we are not open on holidays, including Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, however, we hope to see you before or after for some delicious Italian food. 

Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

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