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Red Wine Cheat Sheet {Infographic}

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A quick lesson on which wines posses which qualities.

How do you like your red wine: fruity; light; or full bodied? Not sure how to answer that question? Whether you're a budding red wine connoisseur or you haven't got a clue, the below infographic has got you covered. Mapped out as a fun cheat sheet of the most well known types of red wine, discover exactly what to expect when ordering a merlot or shiraz. No more red wine surprises for you!

Go ahead, impress your friends; order the wine for the table or pick up a bottle for that dinner party. After all, you now know which types are more popular. ;)

Joining us for dinner? Have a look at which wines La Piazza Dario has in their wine cellar. We guarantee a few bottles are bound to catch your eye!

Red Wine Cheat Sheet
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