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Discovery Atlas: Italy Revealed

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It's Friday and what perfect time to watch a beautiful program about Italian life than today?!

What does it really mean to be a gondolier in Venice? How do Sicilians define themselves and separate from the island's mafia labels? How does a young Roman teenager find joy in high speeds races amidst the grand history of her home? Did you know that world's most dangerous horse race occurs in Sienna?

There is so much to learn about Italy and its people. If you find yourself even remotely intrigued and in the mood for some Italian culture, we've got a perfect plan for a relaxing night off:

  1. Come visit La Piazza Dario for an authentic Italian meal. Chef Claudio guarantees your enjoyment of his delectable dishes (you'll probably end up wishing you ordered more to take home!).
  2. Get into your comfy clothes (pajamas maybe?) and put on the Discovery Atlas, Italy Revealed (click to watch) and immerse yourself into the stories of Italian people from all over the country!
Now how's that for a plan?!

(Image via Pexels)

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