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Monday Italiano: Al Dente!

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Never mind the mambo, let's talk in Italiano! Today we're talking al dente pastas...

So what does al dente mean? When literally translated from Italian to English, al dente means, "to the teeth." This term is often used to describe the perfectly cooked pasta, not too hard but still firm and chewy.

How can you experience pasta cooked to perfection? There are two methods to enjoy this delectable Italian staple:
Depending on the type of pasta you are cooking (fresh egg based, thin or thick durum based), cook the pasta in boiling water anywhere from 3 to 12, or even 15 minutes. Keep in mind, this method will probably take a little trial and error...


Come and visit La Piazza Dario for al dente pasta that is, not only cooked to perfection, but also flavoured with authentic and delicious Italian sauces and fresh ingredients.

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