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Monday Italiano: Fettuccine

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An Italian culinary experience awaits you at La Piazza Dario with Chef Claudio's delicious fettuccine dishes!

Fettuccine, which means "small ribbons" in Italian, is a well known type of pasta that is enjoyed by pasta lovers all over the world. Cut flatter and wider than, say, spaghetti pasta, it is an absolute joy to eat. This is especially true when it is made fresh and cooked al dente, which is, of course, how Chef Claudio prepares it at La Piazza Dario. In fact, we have not one, but two incredible fettuccine dishes that you simply must try!

Chef Claudio has created both of his mouthwatering fettuccine dishes to satisfy your palette. Whether you're in the mood for pasta accompanied by a cream sauce or a tomato based one, Chef Claudio has got you covered! If you're craving cream, may we suggest the fettuccine al pistacchio, an absolutely delicious plate of fettuccine pasta made with a pistachio pesto cream sauce. It is magnificent. However, should you be more in the mood for a dish laden with tomatoes, we highly recommend the fettuccine “affumicato” alla claudio. This delightful pasta dish comes with sautéed sundried tomatoes, smoked ricotta chesse and arugola. You will not be disappointed!

Come to our table tonight and try Chef Claudio's handcrafted fettuccine! In the mood for something else? Peruse the rest of our dinner menu.

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