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Chef Claudio's Pistachio Pasta

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Chef Claudio's delightful combination of pistachio and fettuccine is delizioso!

You will never forget the first time you try Chef Claudio Ranallo's pistachio pasta, or fettuccine al pistacchio as it's listed on the menu. Don't let the seemingly simple combination of pasta and pistachios fool you; it is far from a plain dish of pasta.

All at once flavourful, unique, yet reminiscent of your favourite comfort food, this dish is sure to please all who taste it! And don't even get us started on the fresh, al dente fettuccine that comprises this lovely plate of Italian heaven. Or the incredible pistachio pesto cream sauce covering it, for that matter!

If you've never had the pleasure of eating fresh pasta, you're in for a wonderful treat. All of our pasta, including the fettuccine for this mouthwatering dish, is made fresh every day. Read Muah! Pasta Fresca! for more information on our delicious fresh pasta.

Join us this weekend and experience this unforgettable dish for yourself! Make your reservation online at OpenTable or give us a call at 604.430.2195.

Pistachios not for you? Peruse the rest of our Dinner Menu.

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  1. Wow this pasta fresca looks so yummy and cheesy. Absolutely mouth-watering dish for my kids. I can make such fresh pasta at my home, and absolutely I love having this in popular San Francisco restaurants. They are a great fan of pasta.