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Italian Christmas Baccalà

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Discover the Italian Christmas tradition of baccalà!

If you are Italian, you've surely eaten baccalà before. Incorporated into a variety of Italian dishes, baccalà is salted cod fish, enjoyed by many as a traditional Christmas favourite in Italy.

Similarly to how you would expect turkey to be served at Christmas dinner in North America, baccalà is an Italian Christmas tradition. Served for Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner, baccalà can be presented in a variety of different ways. Some families choose to serve baccalà as an appetizer, others make baccalà the main dish, including it in a hearty pasta or on its own.

Baccalà is just one of the many Christmas traditions that you will find in Italy during this time of year. Amongst these traditions is, of course, indulging in delicious food! Come visit us for lunch or dinner, join the tradition, and satisfy your craving for handcrafted, authentic Italian dishes. By the end of your meal, we just might have you convinced that you traveled to Italy for the holidays!

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