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How to Read an Italian Menu!

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If you don't speak Italian, even a menu can be an adventure!

Luckily at La Piazza Dario, we've included some handy descriptions of Chef Claudio's greatest creations. If you're planning a trip to Italy, a visit to La Piazza Dario is a great way to start practicing your Italian! We may have English descriptions, but those Italian names will be a perfect way to test your pronunciation and critical ordering skills! We certainly wouldn't want you to miss out on delicious cuisine here or abroad because of a little thing like language barrier!

However, we know you're going to need a little more than the name of a dish. Here are a few keywords on an Italian menu that will help you understand exactly what you are ordering and the different sections of the menu!

Antipasti: These are your appetizers. It literally translate to "before the meal" and is a great way to get your meal started as you chat with friends and family.

Primi: Meaning "first dishes," the primi on the menu are often pastas, risottos and soup. The possibilities and flavours are endless! Of course, every region will have it's own variations.

Secondi: This is where you will find your main meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It's also usually the most expensive section of the menu, but definitely just as delicious! If you see an S.Q. next to any of the menu items, they will be charged according to weight so be sure to talk to your server.

Contorni: If you're feeling in the mood for a side dish like salad or potatoes in addition to your primi and/or secondi, make sure you explore this section of the menu!

Dolci: Dessert! Need we really say more?

Digestivi: Need help digesting your Italian feast? Italians enjoy a little help from strong liqueurs.

Caffé: Coffe is also a nice touch to end a delicious and filling meal. If you have space, definitely look here.

Bevande: No Italian menu is complete without its wine list and drink menu! Definitely peruse this section to make your meal Italian perfection!

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