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Halloween, the Italian Way!

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Happy Halloween from La Piazza Dario!

And below, discover more about fall Italian tradition, All Souls Day.

Although Halloween is not traditionally celebrated by Italian culture, it is becoming more and more popular in Italy these days. Many Italians are now choosing to show their Halloween spirit (pun intended!) by dressing up and attending events and costume parties, taking place on October 31st. Certain towns in Italy are going so far as to say that they are the Italian capital of Halloween, such as the medieval town of Corinaldo, which puts on la festa di Halloween during the last week of October.

The more traditional days of celebration in Italy during this time of year, however, remain to be All Saints Day, which occurs on November 1st, a day that honours the saints of the Catholic calendar, and All Souls Day, which takes place the following day on November 2nd and honours the deceased. These two days of celebration have roots in Catholic traditions, however, All Souls Day is more about celebrating and honouring the departed, a day when many people in Italy believe that their deceased loved ones will visit them. All Souls Day or Giorno dei Morti, which in Italian literally translates to Day of the Dead, is a day when a large number of Italians clean and decorate graves to honour and remember the dead. While fairly different from the North American concept of Halloween, there are some similarities to be drawn between the two in relation to the topic of spirits and ghosts!

We wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

Join us this weekend for dinner after you and your family is all candied-out from trick-or-treating!

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