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La Piazza Dario

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Testimonials of La Piazza Dario

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us!

We wanted to take a moment today to thank all of our wonderful patrons for their support of what we do here at La Piazza Dario. Your love of our food and restaurant are appreciated more than you know!

Below are some lovely testimonials of La Piazza Dario, left by some of our customers.

La Piazza Dario Ristorante Italiano Testimonials:

"Fabulous Food & Staff! Its a must!"
-Romina G.

"The best food, the best staff. love this place."  
Chris D.

"Dinner here is always a treat, love this place."  
Sylvia G.

"The food is great, the wait staff is friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant. My personal favorite is Penne al Pollo." 
-Daniel V.

"Amazing risotto! and the staff are very inviting."
Maria A. D.A.


(Image via Pixabay)

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