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Monday Italiano: Stracciatella Soup

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Indulge your Italian side tonight and join us for Italian egg drop soup.

Visit us for dinner and warm up with stracciatella!

For those of you who have never heard of stracciatella, it is a delicious egg drop soup that is quite popular around Rome. Stracciatella, which means "little shred" in Italian, consists of lightly beaten eggs and a variety of other ingredients, depending on where you order it.

The perfect dish for brisk winter days like today, we know you'll enjoy Chef Claudio Ranallo's version of stracciatella. Served with a lightly beaten egg, cooked to perfection, Chef Ranallo's stracciatella is also accompanied by spinach in a chicken broth.

Join us tonight at La Piazza Dario for a taste of Chef Ranallo's incredibly delicious version of stracciatella soup and you will not be disappointed.

We look forward to seeing you!

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