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Tortellini in Brodo

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Discover the flavours of Italian pasta, perfectly prepared for a cold winter day!

It's January. It's chilly. Nothing sounds better than a bowl of warm soup with noodles, no? Chef Claudio whips up a delicious Italian version of the classic chicken noodle soup that will have your mouth watering.

Rich, luxurious tortellini stuffed with veal all bathed in a light chicken consomme, Chef Claudio's Tortellini in Brodo is the perfect comfort food to indulge in. As cozy as your couch and fleece pajamas sound, treat yourself to a night out at La Piazza Dario. You'll get that home cooked meal and satisfy those comfort food cravings in style and without having to do any cleaning up!

Not a bad deal! Visit us for a delicious bowl of Tortellini in Brodo and a glass of perfectly paired wine. 

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