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Monday Italiano: Passeggiata

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Discover an Italian tradition: the passegiata!

Coming from the Italian word, passeggiare, to stroll, la passeggiata is the the Italian ritual of the evening stroll. Before dinner, it's a healthy habit that gets you moving and relaxed after a day of work and routine. It's a social affair where people go to see and be seen, often dressed to impress. If you find yourself out and about in almost any Italian city, town or village for la passeggiata, you'll be able to observe entire families with children on proud display, young women fluttering eyelashes, acquaintances tipping hats, stories of the day being exchanged... It's a cultural performance that is a quintessential part of the Italian way of life.

It's a tradition enjoyed by all generations and one of the best times to people watch. As the sun goes down, the people come out and the passeggiata commences. Watch...

Come by La Piazza Dario to fuel your love of Italy and inspire the Italian lifestyle!
Learn more about the passeggiata from Fodor's Travel and discover the most Italian time of day. Ciao! :)

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