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La Piazza Dario

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Messors and an Italian Experience

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Let Messors be your guide to an Italian experience,
And let La Piazza Dario be your culinary inspiration in Vancouver...

What is your Italian dream? Is it romance in the city of Venice? A fashion-filled visit to Milan? How about historical awe and wonder at the architectural feats of ancient Rome? Or how about an artistic and culinary sojourn at the little heel of Italy in Puglia?

Messors can help you experience that sojourn and live in the artistic and culinary world of Italy. Choose your workshop from art restoration of canvases and frescos to experiencing a historical journey of Italian food. Of course, we quite like the idea of a culinary workshop, such as "Harvesting Food Through History," and learning all about the beautiful, authentic ingredients that help create and inspire the wonderful savoury dishes of Chef Claudio!

If you are planning a trip to Italy anytime soon, we suggest visiting La Piazza Dario for inspiration and exploring the workshops offered by Messors!

(Image via Pexels)

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