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Abruzzo: The Wine Region

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Learn more about one of La Piazza Dario's favourite regions of Italy!

From past posts you know that we're nuts about Abruzzo, the region in Italy that Head Chef Claudio Ranallo calls home. From the beautiful countryside and surrounding scenery to its rich heritage, Abruzzo is definitely a place in Italy that you want to visit some day. But did you know that Abruzzo also boasts one of Italy's wine regions?

Including Abruzzo, discover the regions of Italy that produce some of the most well known wine, the world over, in the below infographic, Regioni del Vino d'Italia.

And after you're done with the infographic, check out our wine list and discover which which labels you can find at La Piazza Dario and where they are from!

Map of the Italian Wine Regions
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