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Summer Edition: 5 Must-Dos in Italy

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Five things you must do when visiting Italy in the Summer.

Got Italy and all things Italian on the brain? We definitely do! Italy is a beautiful place to visit year-round but if you've been dreaming of taking a trip to Italy or are in the midst of planning one this summer, here are five things you absolutely must do while you're there.

  1. Go for a gondola ride in the canals of Venice. Although the city of Venice is a wondrous sight year-round, the gondola ride doesn't seem quite as magical if it's pouring rain or you're freezing!

  2. Visit the island of Capri and boat into the Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, a cavern that casts a bright blue hue on its surrounding walls due to the reflection of the beautiful water below, lit up from the sunlight that peaks through small crevices in the cavern.

  3. Do a wine tour in Tuscany. Nothing lights up the beauty of a wine route like the summer sun. The Chianti wine route is supposed to be breathtaking.

  4. Visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Again, a tour around Pompeii is definitely more enjoyable when the weather is cooperative!

  5. Cool off with authentic Italian gelati. Nothing taste quite as good in the summer heat as a double (or triple!) scoop of gelato. You know the saying..."When in Rome!"

If you're unable to get to Italy this summer, or anytime soon, come pay us a visit and we'll do our best to fill the void with some delicious, authentic Italian cuisine!

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