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Fun Travel Facts of Italy!

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Whether you are planning a trip or just curious, here are some fun travel facts about Italy!

Every city has its quirks and customs and Italy's popular tourist destinations are no exception! Whether you are in Rome, Milan, Florence or Venice, you'll discover that each city has unique customs and ways of life that can be useful to know before you arrive! Let's explore...

  • Address numbers are defined by colours: red and 'r' are used for shops and black is residential. That's why you may not find 28r and 30 next to each other!
  • What's an automatic sign of being a tourist? Ordering a cappuccino after midday apparently!
  • If you are tempted to buy a knock off designer purse from street hawkers, don't! That purse can end up costing you a 1000 euro fine!
  • When dining out, service is always included, but it might be good to ad %10 anyways.
  • On the flip side, check your change. Romans hardly tip their drivers.
  • Never mind the metro system. Try walking or taking taxis instead.
  • It's the Italian city of fashion! Although there's no dress code in restaurants, your outfit matters.
  • If you are looking to grab a cab in Milan, hailing one just anywhere won't do. Catch them at a stand or give them a call, but remember that you are charged from the time your call is made.
  • Aperitivi (or a the Italian happy hour around 6-10pm) is an essential Milanese custom.
  • Gondolas are for sightseeing and they aren't cheap, costing you around 80 euros. Taxis are not cheap either and can cost you the same as a gondola!
  • There are public toilets but they'll cost you around 1,50. Still they can be convenient while exploring the city of canals.
  • If you are there in November or December, it's Acqua Alta ('high water') season. Bring those gumboots!
(Information via Luxe City Guides; Image via Pexels)

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