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Which Wine Tastes Like THAT?

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Fruity - Nutty - Citrusy: Discover which type of wine is your favourite flavour.

Do you know exactly what flavours of wine satisfy your taste buds the most but have no idea which type of wine it is? In other words, you're at a complete loss as to which type of wine you're looking for in the store or on the menu but when served it at a dinner party you go, "That's it!" We know the feeling. You sit, almost dumbfounded in your seat, your eyes narrowing in concentration as you attempt to explain to your server the exact taste of your wine. Unfortunately, the type of wine has evaded you.

We've found your solution! Check out this incredibly detailed infographic that maps out exactly which types of wine taste fruity, nutty, citrusy and beyond!

What to do with your new found knowledge? Test it out on the extensive wine selection at La Piazza Dario of course!

View enlarged infographic.

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