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La Piazza Dario

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Escape to Italy: The Novel Edition

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Continue to experience Italy after your next visit to La Piazza Dario... with books!

After a delicious meal out on the town at La Piazza Dario, it can be difficult to realize that by leaving that little part of Italy within Vancouver, you're actually nowhere near Abruzzo, Italy, or even Europe. Trust us, we know the feeling.

We also know that it is most likely not the ideal time for you to pick up and go on holidays. So, how else can you immerse yourself in Italian culture without spending the big bucks on actually traveling to Italy? By reading books set in Italy, of course!

So, come enjoy an authentic Italian cooked meal with us at La Piazza Dario and then head home and snuggle up with the beautiful people and scenery of Italy. Here are a few books we recommend:

Playing for Pizza

Under the Tuscan Sun

A Room with a View

Eat, Pray, Love


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