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Monday Italiano: Prosecco

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Let's make a toast to the new week with Prosecco!

Say it with me now: Prosecco è il mio vino preferito spumante! Or in English, "Prosecco is my favourite sparkling wine!" No matter which language you say it in, however, it remains true. Prosecco is my absolute favourite sparkling wine.

Growing up in a house where wine was the drink of choice, I was introduced to many different types of wine from a fairly young age, gaining an education on which grapes were fruity, which were oaky, etc. However, none of them ever really caught my fancy, that is, until I found prosecco at the age of 21.

It was love at first sip. Bubbly and sweet, but not too sweet, and above all else, refreshing. I was in love.

Made primarily in the Veneto, Prosecco region of Italy, prosecco is named after the grape that makes it and is definitely my drink of choice.

Come visit us at La Piazza Dario and try our absolute favourite, Prosecco Brut Mionetto!

Peruse our entire wine list here.

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